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Lamenting his lost love as Orpheus looks back into Hades. This is a sculpture carved from Carrara Ordinario marble. It is 20 inches high by 14 inches wide by 10 inches deep.

Orpheus was completed in Calgary from some of the marble I brought back from Carrara. As you may remember Orpheus was told he could have his lover, Eurydice, back if he did not look back at her until he left Hades, the underworld. Perhaps he was tempted to witness her safety on the journey back or he distrusted the reprieve of the Judges of the Dead, but Orpheus glanced back, as seen in this figure, and he lost Eurydice forever. The lyre and nose literally jumped out of the marble as I was carving it convincing me that the figure really is in the stone we have only to remove that which is unimportant.

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