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Trojan Horse

This is a study for a larger proposed 8 foot high sculpture. It was sculpted in the 80"s during Calgary's Olympics. It is bronze 14 inches high by 7 inches wide by 13 inches deep.

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This sculpture was created using the lost wax method. A rubber mold was made from the sculpting medium, then a wax was poured into the mould, then the wax was worked to remove the air bubbles, then the wax was covered with ceramic shell, a process which was developed during WWII to produce guns quickly and cheaply, then the wax is burnt out and while the ceramic shell is hot the bronze is poured in, after it cools the ceramic shell is chipped off. The Bronze is chased to repair any inconsistencies, then it is sand blasted and the patina is applied.

In the story of Homer's Iliad (the epos of the Trojan war), the Greeks used innovation, strategy, determination and creativity to conquer Troy using the Trojan Horse. I was inspired by this story to create this figure in support of the Olympics in Calgary in 1988. It is a model to be cast twelve feet high with an opening on both sides of the abdomen with stairs leading up on both sides and was designed to be placed in Calgary's Olympic Park.

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