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Ceremonial Axe Head #6 “The Bee”

The warmth of the sun warms the bird as its ceremonial journey to the stars begins.

On the other side the honey bee awaits the ceremonial ritual to be performed before it pollinates the flowers to provide Neolithic humankind with honey and wax.


Limited only by their technology, Neolithic society realized they had to leave behind a history of their society so that future humans would realize some day that they were thinking, intelligent human beings.

Neolithic humankind ruled the world much as modern humankind, limited only by their technology. They dreamed of flight, of ruling the animal world and of ruling the world.

With their ceremonial axe heads they ruled the world they lived in.

Who rules the ceremonial axe head now?

When will the ceremonial axe head be used to free humankind from the chains that bind them instead of being used to cast humanity into the abyss of despair?


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