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Neolithic Humankind rose up and conquered their world. This exhibit is perhaps fiction...perhaps reality.

The artworks were discovered in a deep revine worn by time: My mind.

Ceremonial Axe Head #1 “The Bird”

The axe head runs along the top with the young seagull awaiting the return of its mother, whose body is represented as a hole to let the strength of the sunshine through, giving strength and life. A drawing instrument representing a down turned pencil is on three sides of the sculpture, in reference to Neolithic humankind's ability to create cave paintings.

On the other side, a thumb points downward with lines of energy emitting from two holes. The two holes become one, or is it one hole becoming two representing a union, confirmed by a ceremony celebrating the sun and its life giving qualities?


Neolithic Ceremonial Axe Head #1 The Bird


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