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Upcoming Show — Nicht Aufgebnism

The show opens on December 2nd 2016 5pm to 9pm and is up until December 23rd
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The journey of an artist is a journey of mind, body and soul. Traveling throughout North America and Europe, studying on two continents, three countries, my work reflects Western culture, realism as seen through the eyes of modernism. This is just a small sampling of my work, for a more comprehensive viewing of my work please contact me.

Pawlak says the basis of his art, which includes stone, bronze, watercolours and drawings, is "proportion and anatomy with an eye toward mythology." His work, influenced by his studies abroad and extensive travels throughout North America and Europe, reflects Western culture-realism as seen through the eyes of modernism. A number of his pieces are featured on his website at

Success has not been easy. Brian, struggling with mental health issues, sought help in 2003. He accessed counseling and a number of services funded by the United Way, and turned his life around. Opportunity Works -- an entrepreneurship program for mental health consumers-provided the self-employment coaching and other supports he needed to move forward as an artist. Pawlak was profiled in the United Way of Calgary's 2004 Success Stories, a yearly publication. He says, "I could just as easily have ended up on the streets producing nothing [] United Way ,Opportunity Works, and Calgary Self Help have given me the power to succeed.

For more information on Opportunity Works, call (403) 263-8888, or visit

Art As Investment

Many investors, nervous and looking for alternatives, are turning their attentions to high end art. In the United States, the art market index maintained by Artprice, has risen 20 per cent since July 2000, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ and other indices have fallen through the floor. Read more...

Investing in art is a time-honored tradition dating back to the Renaissance and families like the Medici, known for their patronage. But investing in art is not just for the rich; today it is a consideration for the average investor. Read more...